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Abu Dhabi Film Festival

  1. Coming Forth by Day
    Best Director from the Arab World (New Horizons Competition)

    Coming Forth by Day

  2. Beasts of the Southern Wild
    New Horizons Competition (Special Jury Award)

    Beasts of the Southern Wild

  3. No
    Best Actor (Narrative Competition)


  4. Stories We Tell
    Special Jury Award

    Stories We Tell

  5. In the House
  6. Lore
  7. Gebo and the Shadow
    Narrative Competition (Special Jury Award)

    Gebo and the Shadow

  8. A Hijacking
  9. Anton's Right Here
  10. Ginger and Rosa
  11. The Patience Stone
    Best Actress (New Horizons Competition)

    The Patience Stone

  12. Beyond the Hill
  13. A World Not Ours
  14. Saving Face
    Audience Choice Award

    Saving Face

  15. Outrage Beyond
  16. Eat Sleep Die
  17. Betrayal
    Best Actress (Narrative Competition)


  18. Araf – Somewhere In Between
    Best Narrative Feature (Black Pearl Award)

    Araf – Somewhere In Between

  19. It Was the Son
  20. Love Is All You Need
  21. Approved for Adoption
  22. The World Before Her
  23. When I Saw You
    Best Film from the Arab World (New Horizons Competition)

    When I Saw You

  24. A Respectable Family
    Black Pearl Award (New Horizons Competition)

    A Respectable Family

  25. Masquerade
  26. Keep Smiling
  27. The Last Supper
  28. The List
  29. Hidden Beauties
  30. The Citizen
  31. As If We Were Catching a Cobra
  32. I.D.
  33. Murk Light
  34. Mumbai's King
  35. Everyday
  36. The House I Live In
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