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Athens International Film and Video Festival

  1. Sir Bailey

    Sir Bailey

  2. Dancing Frog

    Dancing Frog

  3. God I Need a Girlfriend

    God I Need a Girlfriend

  4. S-15


  5. Chin Up

    Chin Up

  6. The Puppet Master

    The Puppet Master

  7. Homecoming


  8. 605 Adults 304 Children

    605 Adults 304 Children

  9. The Little Fish and the Crocodile

    The Little Fish and the Crocodile

  10. Damage


  11. The Bird & The Whale

    The Bird & The Whale

  12. Mr. Stockdale

    Mr. Stockdale

  13. Random Thoughts

    Random Thoughts

  14. Cut Copy Sphinx

    Cut Copy Sphinx

  15. Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses

    Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses

  16. Sonant


  17. Water Cycle

    Water Cycle

  18. Slower


  19. Where the Truth Lies

    Where the Truth Lies

  20. The Elephant's Song

    The Elephant's Song

  21. Pictured Rocks

    Pictured Rocks

  22. Reverie of the Puppets

    Reverie of the Puppets

  23. The Courser

    The Courser

  24. Still Alive

    Still Alive

  25. Double Exposed

    Double Exposed

  26. God Never Dies

    God Never Dies

  27. The Ghost Behind

    The Ghost Behind

  28. On the Border

    On the Border

  29. Happily Never After

    Happily Never After

  30. You're Accepted

    You're Accepted

  31. Woman in Stall

    Woman in Stall

  32. Happy Ending

    Happy Ending

  33. Introduction to Epilogue

    Introduction to Epilogue

  34. Ulysses & Mona

    Ulysses & Mona

  35. The Imminent Immanent

    The Imminent Immanent

  36. The Lost Sound

    The Lost Sound