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Awards of the Japanese Academy

  1. Glowing Autumn
    Best Music Score

    Glowing Autumn

  2. Empire of Passion

    Empire of Passion

  3. The Demon
  4. Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron

    Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron

  5. The Shogun's Samurai

    The Shogun's Samurai

  6. Double Suicide at Sonezaki

    Double Suicide at Sonezaki

  7. Lady Ogin

    Lady Ogin

  8. The Incident

    The Incident

  9. Bittersweet


  10. Talk of the Town Tora-san

    Talk of the Town Tora-san

  11. Stage-Struck Tora-san

    Stage-Struck Tora-san

  12. August without the Emperor

    August without the Emperor

  13. Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

  14. The Fall of Ako Castle

    The Fall of Ako Castle

  15. The Goodbye Girl

    The Goodbye Girl

  16. The Turning Point

    The Turning Point

  17. Conversation Piece
    Best Foreign Language Film

    Conversation Piece