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Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

  1. A Rich Man

    A Rich Man

  2. Ten Minutes Older

    Ten Minutes Older

  3. Sergei Eisenstein. Post Scriptum

    Sergei Eisenstein. Post Scriptum

  4. The Mallet

    The Mallet

  5. A Sunday in Hell

    A Sunday in Hell

  6. Partera empírica

    Partera empírica

  7. The Making of a Ballet, Rudi van Dantzig, a Choreographer and his World

  8. A New Look at the Mentally Retarded

  9. Kloster

  10. Ayautla

  11. Mardøla Blues

    Mardøla Blues

  12. Oranda Kan

  13. Identity

  14. On the Third Day

  15. The Perfect Human

    The Perfect Human

  16. The Shout

    The Shout

  17. Explorer


  18. Mural efímero

    Mural efímero

  19. The Cabbage Butterfly

    The Cabbage Butterfly

  20. Capriccio


  21. Tulips


  22. De gebedsgenezer

    De gebedsgenezer

  23. And Miles to Go...

    And Miles to Go...

  24. The Song of Stone

    The Song of Stone

  25. In Jerusalem

    In Jerusalem

  26. The Reality of Karel Appel

    The Reality of Karel Appel

  27. Les masques de feuilles

    Les masques de feuilles

  28. Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf

  29. Colourful Courtship

  30. A 8. szabad május 1

  31. Kon-Tiki


  32. Pueblo en marcha

  33. Indictment!

  34. Fighting Back

  35. Arches of Faith

  36. They Caught the Ferry

    They Caught the Ferry