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Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

  1. For All Mankind

    For All Mankind

  2. Roger & Me

    Roger & Me

  3. Near Death

    Near Death

  4. I Was Stalin's Bodyguard

    I Was Stalin's Bodyguard

  5. The Other Side of the Moon

    The Other Side of the Moon

  6. Screenplay Award

    The Art Merry-go-round

  7. Revolt in Sobibor

    Revolt in Sobibor

  8. Black Square

    Black Square

  9. Back to Ararat

    Back to Ararat

  10. Of Whales, the Moon and Men

    Of Whales, the Moon and Men

  11. The Days Before Christmas

    The Days Before Christmas

  12. Mirror of Holland

    Mirror of Holland

  13. Parlevinkers


  14. Ontluisterd land

    Ontluisterd land

  15. Farrebique: The Four Seasons

    Farrebique: The Four Seasons

  16. Indonesia Calling

    Indonesia Calling

  17. Walcheren