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Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

  1. Untitled


  2. Faces Places

    Faces Places

  3. In the Intense Now

    In the Intense Now

  4. Before Summer Ends

    Before Summer Ends

  5. Caniba


  6. EX LIBRIS - The New York Public Library

    EX LIBRIS - The New York Public Library

  7. Jane


  8. Human Flow

    Human Flow

  9. The Work

    The Work

  10. Chavela


  11. The Dead Nation

    The Dead Nation

  12. The Other Side Of Everything
    IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary

    The Other Side Of Everything

  13. El mar la mar

    El mar la mar

  14. Devil's Freedom

    Devil's Freedom

  15. Spielberg


  16. Taste of Cement

    Taste of Cement

  17. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda

    Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda

  18. Braguino


  19. Makala


  20. Of Fathers and Sons

    Of Fathers and Sons

  21. One of Us

    One of Us

  22. City of the Sun

    City of the Sun

  23. Alicia
    IDFA Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary


  24. Over the Limit

    Over the Limit

  25. The Ancient Woods

    The Ancient Woods

  26. So Help Me God

    So Help Me God

  27. The Family

    The Family

  28. In Praise of Nothing

    In Praise of Nothing

  29. Distant Constellation

    Distant Constellation

  30. L i s t e n
    IDFA Special Jury Award for Children’s Documentary

    L i s t e n

  31. Roosenberg


  32. The Russian Job

    The Russian Job

  33. The Greenaway Alphabet

    The Greenaway Alphabet

  34. Dreaming Murakami

    Dreaming Murakami

  35. Nothing Like Before

    Nothing Like Before

  36. The Next Guardian

    The Next Guardian

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