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Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards

  1. The Secret in Their Eyes

    The Secret in Their Eyes

  2. The Milk of Sorrow

    The Milk of Sorrow

  3. The Last Summer of La Boyita

    The Last Summer of La Boyita

  4. Castro Play button Rent for $3.99
  5. The Fish Child

    The Fish Child

  6. Felicitas
  7. A Foolish Game
    Best Short Film, Fiction

    A Foolish Game

  8. Anita
  9. Thursday's Widows

    Thursday's Widows

  10. Night Runner

    Night Runner

  11. Music on Hold

    Music on Hold

  12. Gomorrah


  13. The Class
    Best Foreign Film, Not in the Spanish Language

    The Class

  14. The Window

    The Window

  15. Blood Appears

    Blood Appears

  16. Iraqi Short Films

    Iraqi Short Films

  17. Süden
    Best Video Film (Silver Condor)


  18. The Artist
  19. Haroldo Conti, homo viator

    Haroldo Conti, homo viator

  20. The Edge of Heaven

    The Edge of Heaven

  21. Katyń


  22. The Pope's Toilet
    Best Foreign Film, Spanish Language

    The Pope's Toilet

  23. The Mugger

    The Mugger

  24. A Week Alone

    A Week Alone

  25. Belle toujours

    Belle toujours

  26. Battle in Heaven

    Battle in Heaven

  27. The Sugar Curtain

    The Sugar Curtain