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Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa

  1. The Time Is Now. (I+II)

    The Time Is Now. (I+II)

  2. Life On The Mississippi

    Life On The Mississippi

  3. Enough with Catcalling

    Enough with Catcalling

  4. Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

    Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

  5. Russa


  6. The Proposal

    The Proposal

  7. Slope


  8. Bauhaus Spirit

    Bauhaus Spirit

  9. Scenes from a Dry City

    Scenes from a Dry City

  10. Notes on Living

    Notes on Living

  11. Civitas


  12. Alis Ubbo

    Alis Ubbo

  13. Monte Amiata

    Monte Amiata

  14. Almost Nothing

    Almost Nothing

  15. Doel


  16. Thank You for the Rain

    Thank You for the Rain

  17. Sorge 87

    Sorge 87

  18. Waves


  19. Melting Souls

    Melting Souls

  20. 6129 M2

    6129 M2

  21. Transitions


  22. Lisbon: An Anecdotal Chronicle

    Lisbon: An Anecdotal Chronicle