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BAFTA Awards

  1. The Blue Lamp
    Best British Film

    The Blue Lamp

  2. Beauty and the Devil

    Beauty and the Devil

  3. Kon-Tiki


  4. The Lawless

    The Lawless

  5. Seven Days to Noon

    Seven Days to Noon

  6. The Men

    The Men

  7. The Great Manhunt

    The Great Manhunt

  8. The Wooden Horse

    The Wooden Horse

  9. Morning Departure

    Morning Departure

  10. The Undefeated
    Best Documentary Film

    The Undefeated

  11. On the Town

    On the Town

  12. Intruder in the Dust

    Intruder in the Dust

  13. A True-Life Adventure: On Seal Island

    A True-Life Adventure: On Seal Island