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Bangkok International Film Festival

  1. Invisible Waves

    Invisible Waves

  2. Match Point

    Match Point

  3. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
    Best Director

    Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

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  4. Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul

    Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul

  5. Water
    Best Film


  6. Tsotsi
    Best Actor


  7. The House of Sand

    The House of Sand

  8. Rize
    Best Documentary


  9. The Ring Finger

    The Ring Finger

  10. Mrs Henderson Presents

    Mrs Henderson Presents

  11. The Burnt Theatre

    The Burnt Theatre

  12. The Masseur

    The Masseur

  13. Look Both Ways

    Look Both Ways

  14. The White Masai

    The White Masai

  15. River Queen

    River Queen

  16. Before the Flood

    Before the Flood

  17. Switch Off

    Switch Off

  18. The Art of Flight

    The Art of Flight

  19. The Gravel Road

    The Gravel Road

  20. Just for Kicks

    Just for Kicks

  21. Bride of Silence
    Best ASEAN Film

    Bride of Silence

  22. The Consequences of Love

    The Consequences of Love