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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Heaven and Earth

    Heaven and Earth

  2. Ashes and Embers
    FIPRESCI Prize (Forum of New Cinema)

    Ashes and Embers

  3. God's Gift

    God's Gift

  4. The Horse

    The Horse

  5. Kamikaze 89

    Kamikaze 89

  6. Chan Is Missing

    Chan Is Missing

  7. The Worthless

    The Worthless

  8. The Ghost

    The Ghost

  9. Uliisses


  10. The Living Koheiji

    The Living Koheiji

  11. Love by Request
    Best Actress (Silver Berlin Bear)

    Love by Request

  12. The White Rose

    The White Rose

  13. The Dropout

    The Dropout

  14. Go Ahead, Brazil!

    Go Ahead, Brazil!

  15. War and Peace

    War and Peace

  16. Los deseos concebidos

    Los deseos concebidos

  17. Track Two

    Track Two

  18. Hécate


  19. The Beehive
  20. Clémentine Tango

    Clémentine Tango

  21. The Silent Ocean
  22. The Sound of Fast Relief

    The Sound of Fast Relief

  23. Who's Knocking On My Door...

    Who's Knocking On My Door...

  24. Larose, Pierrot and Luce

    Larose, Pierrot and Luce

  25. Casta Diva

    Casta Diva

  26. Busch Sings

    Busch Sings

  27. Couple/Regards/Positions


  28. Dögkeselyü
    Reader Jury of the Berliner Morgenpost


  29. That Championship Season
    Best Actor (Silver Berlin Bear)

    That Championship Season

  30. Domino


  31. Sabine Kleist, Aged Seven...

    Sabine Kleist, Aged Seven...

  32. Vortex


  33. Diva


  34. O Homem do Pau-Brasil

    O Homem do Pau-Brasil

  35. Zoot Suit

    Zoot Suit

  36. The Half-Meter Incident

    The Half-Meter Incident