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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Siberia


  2. Irradiated
    Documentary Award


  3. Dummy


  4. My Galactic Twin Galaction

    My Galactic Twin Galaction

  5. How to Disappear

    How to Disappear

  6. Recovery


  7. The Promised

    The Promised

  8. Purple Sea

    Purple Sea

  9. Expedition Content

    Expedition Content

  10. The Calming
    CICAE Art Cinema Award (Forum)

    The Calming

  11. Maggie's Farm

    Maggie's Farm

  12. Paris Calligrammes

    Paris Calligrammes

  13. All the Dead Ones

    All the Dead Ones

  14. Babydyke


  15. My Salinger Year

    My Salinger Year

  16. The House of Love

    The House of Love

  17. Victoria
    Caligari Film Prize


  18. This Is My Desire

    This Is My Desire

  19. The Foundation Pit

    The Foundation Pit

  20. Mare


  21. One in a Thousand

    One in a Thousand

  22. Hidden Away
    Silver Bear for Best Actor

    Hidden Away

  23. Walchensee Forever
    Compass-Perspektive Award

    Walchensee Forever

  24. The Trouble with Being Born
    Special Jury Award (Encounters)

    The Trouble with Being Born

  25. Digger
    CICAE Art Cinema Award (Panorama)


  26. My Name Is Baghdad
    Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Film

    My Name Is Baghdad

  27. Shine Your Eyes

    Shine Your Eyes

  28. Isabella
    Special Mention: Best Director (Encounters)


  29. Naked Animals
    Special Mention: Best First Feature Award

    Naked Animals

  30. Gunda


  31. Voices in the Wind
    Special Mention: Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Film

    Voices in the Wind

  32. Notes from the Underworld
    Special Mention: Documentary Award

    Notes from the Underworld

  33. Wildland


  34. Paradise Drifters

    Paradise Drifters

  35. Apiyemiyekî?


  36. Dispatches from Elsewhere

    Dispatches from Elsewhere