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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. The Quiet Family

    The Quiet Family

  2. Life on Earth

    Life on Earth

  3. Dil Se
    Netpac Award

    Dil Se

  4. The Outskirts
    Don Quixote Award

    The Outskirts

  5. Expect the Unexpected

    Expect the Unexpected

  6. The Longest Summer

    The Longest Summer

  7. License to Live

    License to Live

  8. The Apartment Cat
    Special Mention: Kinderfilmfest 14plus (Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk)

    The Apartment Cat

  9. Brakhage


  10. Little Voice

    Little Voice

  11. Only Clouds Move the Stars
    Special Mention: Best Feature Film (Crystal Bear)

    Only Clouds Move the Stars

  12. The Last Days

    The Last Days

  13. Wait and See
    FIPRESCI Prize (Panorama)

    Wait and See

  14. One True Thing

    One True Thing

  15. Playing by Heart

    Playing by Heart

  16. From the Edge of the City

    From the Edge of the City

  17. Fiona


  18. Rosie


  19. José Rizal

    José Rizal

  20. Trans
    Reader Jury of the Berliner Zeitung


  21. Bishonen


  22. A


  23. April Children

    April Children

  24. The Giraffe

    The Giraffe

  25. Still Crazy

    Still Crazy

  26. The Eternal

    The Eternal

  27. Praise


  28. Beefcake


  29. In the Mirror of the Sky
  30. Schpaaa


  31. The Girl of Your Dreams

    The Girl of Your Dreams

  32. After the End of the World

    After the End of the World

  33. Asphalto


  34. The Hi-Lo Country
    Best Director (Silver Berlin Bear)

    The Hi-Lo Country

  35. Something Organic

    Something Organic

  36. Thug Life in D.C.

    Thug Life in D.C.