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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Toast


  2. Under the Hawthorn Tree

    Under the Hawthorn Tree

  3. Late Autumn

    Late Autumn

  4. West Is West

    West Is West

  5. Heaven's Story
  6. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl

  7. Gandu


  8. ...But Film Is My Mistress

    ...But Film Is My Mistress

  9. Griff the Invisible

    Griff the Invisible

  10. Blokes


  11. The Albanian

    The Albanian

  12. Free Hands

    Free Hands

  13. The Unjust

    The Unjust

  14. Tomorrow Will Be Better
  15. Hi-so


  16. The Legend of Beaver Dam

    The Legend of Beaver Dam

  17. The Stool Pigeon

    The Stool Pigeon

  18. Tord and Tord

    Tord and Tord

  19. The Lost Town of Switez

    The Lost Town of Switez

  20. The Last Norwegian Troll

    The Last Norwegian Troll

  21. The Flood
  22. Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright

    Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright

  23. Ways of the Sea
    Special Mention: Netpac Award

    Ways of the Sea

  24. Into the White Night

    Into the White Night

  25. Amador


  26. Intimate Grammar

    Intimate Grammar

  27. The Unliving
    Best European Short Film

    The Unliving

  28. Mothers


  29. Our Garden of Eden

    Our Garden of Eden

  30. A Gum Boy

    A Gum Boy

  31. Woman Waiting

    Woman Waiting

  32. Single by Contract

    Single by Contract

  33. The Shower
  34. Skyscraper


  35. Idleness


  36. Matchmaking Mayor
    Reader Jury of the Tagesspiegel

    Matchmaking Mayor