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Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films

  1. The Future Perfect
    ZINEBI First Film Award

    The Future Perfect

  2. Rat Film

    Rat Film

  3. Godless


  4. People That Are Not Me
    Special Mention: ZINEBI First Film Award

    People That Are Not Me

  5. An Aviation Field
    Narrative Short

    An Aviation Field

  6. Life After Life

    Life After Life

  7. Whatever the Weather

    Whatever the Weather

  8. The Album

    The Album

  9. Donald Cried

    Donald Cried

  10. Miriam Rachel

    Miriam Rachel

  11. Tramontane


  12. La Hora de los Sueños

    La Hora de los Sueños

  13. The Son

    The Son