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Bodil Awards

  1. Drive


  2. The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life

  3. A Separation
    Best Non-American Film

    A Separation

  4. Melancholia


  5. Oslo, August 31st

    Oslo, August 31st

  6. The Ambassador

    The Ambassador

  7. SuperClásico


  8. ½ Revolution

    ½ Revolution

  9. The Will
    Best Documentary

    The Will

  10. A Funny Man
  11. Love Is in the Air

    Love Is in the Air

  12. Room 304

    Room 304

  13. Rebounce
  14. The King's Speech

    The King's Speech

  15. Another Year

    Another Year

  16. Winter's Bone
    Best American Film

    Winter's Bone

  17. Of Gods and Men

    Of Gods and Men

  18. A Family

    A Family