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Bratislava International Film Festival

  1. Good Night, and Good Luck.
    Best Director

    Good Night, and Good Luck.

  2. The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu Play button Rent for $3.99
  3. The Cave of the Yellow Dog
    Grand Prix

    The Cave of the Yellow Dog

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    Play button Rent for $3.99
  4. Two Drifters

    Two Drifters

  5. Man Push Cart

    Man Push Cart

  6. Something Like Happiness

    Something Like Happiness

  7. Gravehopping


  8. World Mirror Cinema

    World Mirror Cinema

  9. Gemini


  10. A Stranger of Mine

    A Stranger of Mine

  11. Garpastum
    Special Mention


  12. Tbilisi-Tbilisi


  13. Kissed by Winter

    Kissed by Winter

  14. Go West

    Go West

  15. A Way of Life
    Best Actress

    A Way of Life

  16. The District

    The District

  17. The Fever

    The Fever