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Busan International Film Festival

  1. Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry

  2. The River

    The River

  3. Made in Hong Kong
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Made in Hong Kong

  4. Labyrinth of Dreams

    Labyrinth of Dreams

  5. Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie
    Netpac Award

    Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie

  6. Green Fish

    Green Fish

  7. The Saltmen of Tibet
    Sonje Award

    The Saltmen of Tibet

  8. Motel Cactus
    New Currents Award

    Motel Cactus

  9. Fun Bar Karaoke

    Fun Bar Karaoke

  10. Paper Airplanes

    Paper Airplanes

  11. My Secret Cache

    My Secret Cache

  12. Crocodile