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Cairo International Film Festival

  1. His Excellency the Minister
    Best Actor

    His Excellency the Minister

  2. A Minute of Sun Less

    A Minute of Sun Less

  3. Bed of Procust

    Bed of Procust

  4. My Land
  5. Ticket to Jerusalem
    Silver Pyramid

    Ticket to Jerusalem

  6. Ferocious


  7. The Last Blues
    Golden Pyramid

    The Last Blues

  8. Adam's Autumn
    Best Arabic Film

    Adam's Autumn

  9. Low-Flying Aircraft

    Low-Flying Aircraft

  10. Big Man, Little Love

    Big Man, Little Love

  11. Kites Over Helsinki

    Kites Over Helsinki

  12. Broken Hearts

  13. Word of Honor
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Word of Honor