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Cairo International Film Festival

  1. Virgin Mountain
    Best Director (Silver Pyramid)

    Virgin Mountain

  2. The Treasure
    Best Screenplay (International)

    The Treasure

  3. Mediterranea
  4. Paulina


  5. Olmo and the Seagull
    Special Mention: Best Documentary

    Olmo and the Seagull

  6. The High Sun
    Best Artistic Contribution

    The High Sun

  7. I Am a Soldier
    Best Actress (Silver Pyramid)

    I Am a Soldier

  8. Madame Courage

    Madame Courage

  9. In Your Arms

    In Your Arms

  10. Mina Walking

    Mina Walking

  11. Umrika
    FIPRESCI Prize (International Competition (Feature Films))


  12. The Wednesday Child

    The Wednesday Child

  13. 1944


  14. Iraqi Odyssey

    Iraqi Odyssey

  15. The Sea is Behind

    The Sea is Behind