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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Days of the Plain

    Days of the Plain

  2. The Space Between the Door and the Floor

  3. End of the Night

    End of the Night

  4. Le mariage blanc

  5. Dis-moi oui, dis-moi non

    Dis-moi oui, dis-moi non

  6. Farendj
    Special Mention: Golden Camera


  7. Sleepy Betrayers

    Sleepy Betrayers

  8. Lost Springtime
    French Film (Award of the Youth)

    Lost Springtime

  9. Abrahams Gold

    Abrahams Gold

  10. 1871


  11. Homemade Movie

    Homemade Movie

  12. Shooting Gallery

    Shooting Gallery

  13. The Bedroom
    Best Short Film (Jury Prize)

    The Bedroom

  14. Paper Mask

    Paper Mask

  15. L'amour
    Perspectives du Cinéma Award


  16. Overseas
    Critics Week Grand Prize


  17. The King's Whore

    The King's Whore

  18. Come See the Paradise

    Come See the Paradise

  19. Revestriction
    Best Short Film


  20. The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid

  21. Warsaw Bridge

    Warsaw Bridge

  22. Pièce touchée

    Pièce touchée

  23. Alexandria, Again and Forever

    Alexandria, Again and Forever

  24. The Lunch Date
    Palme d'Or - Best Short Film

    The Lunch Date

  25. The Plot Against Harry

    The Plot Against Harry

  26. Longtime Companion

    Longtime Companion

  27. Margarit and Margarita

    Margarit and Margarita

  28. The Different One

    The Different One

  29. Time of the Servants
    Special Mention: Golden Camera

    Time of the Servants

  30. The Tiger Man

    The Tiger Man

  31. Time of Miracles

    Time of Miracles

  32. The South
    Audience Award

    The South

  33. Interrogation
    Best Actress


  34. The Ear

    The Ear