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Cannes Film Festival

  1. The Third Man
    Grand Prize of the Festival

    The Third Man

  2. The Set-Up
  3. Bitter Rice

    Bitter Rice

  4. The Passionate Friends

    The Passionate Friends

  5. The Queen of Spades

    The Queen of Spades

  6. Pacific 231
    Best Subject - Short Film

    Pacific 231

  7. House of Strangers
    Best Actor

    House of Strangers

  8. Small-Town Woman

    Small-Town Woman

  9. Rendezvous in July

    Rendezvous in July

  10. Obsession


  11. The Walls of Malapaga

    The Walls of Malapaga

  12. Look After Amelie

    Look After Amelie

  13. Lies of Love

    Lies of Love

  14. Die Buntkarierten

    Die Buntkarierten

  15. Der Ruf

    Der Ruf

  16. Return to Life

    Return to Life

  17. Lost Boundaries
    Best Screenplay

    Lost Boundaries

  18. Act of Violence

    Act of Violence

  19. On Our Own Land

    On Our Own Land

  20. A True-Life Adventure: On Seal Island
    Best Subject - Short Film

    A True-Life Adventure: On Seal Island

  21. An Act of Murder

    An Act of Murder