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Cannes Film Festival

  1. A Place in the Sun
  2. Miracle in Milan
    Grand Prize of the Festival

    Miracle in Milan

  3. The Tales of Hoffmann
    Special Award

    The Tales of Hoffmann

  4. The Browning Version
  5. Miss Julie
    Grand Prize of the Festival

    Miss Julie

  6. Juliette or the Key of Dreams
  7. Edward and Caroline
  8. The Forbidden Christ
  9. Los isleros
  10. Dream of a Cossack
  11. Reckless
  12. Four in a Jeep
  13. Bright Victory
  14. All About Eve
  15. Los olvidados
    Best Director

    Los olvidados

  16. Mirror of Holland
    Grand Prize of the Festival (Short Film)

    Mirror of Holland

  17. Side Street Story
  18. The Path of Hope
  19. Doña Diabla
  20. The Marihuana Story
  21. The Falling Star
  22. The Yacht Isabel Arrived This Afternoon
  23. Caiçara
  24. The Sin of Harold Diddlebock