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Cannes Film Festival

  1. The Shop on Main Street
    Special Mention

    The Shop on Main Street

  2. Tokyo Olympiad

    Tokyo Olympiad

  3. The Ipcress File

    The Ipcress File

  4. The Collector

    The Collector

  5. Yoyo
  6. The Hill
    Best Screenplay

    The Hill

  7. The Knack ...and How to Get It

    The Knack ...and How to Get It

  8. Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasy in G Minor
    Best Short Film

    Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasy in G Minor

  9. The Moment of Truth

    The Moment of Truth

  10. The 317th Platoon
    Best Screenplay

    The 317th Platoon

  11. Walkover


  12. The Dare

    The Dare

  13. In Harm's Way

    In Harm's Way

  14. The Sin

    The Sin

  15. It Happened Here

    It Happened Here

  16. Evariste Galois

    Evariste Galois

  17. The Uninhibited

    The Uninhibited

  18. Aah... Tamara

    Aah... Tamara

  19. Petrol-Carburant-Kraftstoff


  20. Clay


  21. There Was an Old Couple
    Special Mention

    There Was an Old Couple

  22. El Reñidero

  23. Always Further On
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Always Further On

  24. Snakes and Ladders

    Snakes and Ladders

  25. Torrid Noon

    Torrid Noon

  26. Circus Angel
    Technical Grand Prize

    Circus Angel

  27. My Home Is Copacabana

    My Home Is Copacabana

  28. Kwaidan
    Special Jury Prize


  29. Gertrud


  30. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins

  31. Diamonds of the Night

    Diamonds of the Night

  32. Men and Women

    Men and Women

  33. Forest of the Hanged
    Best Director

    Forest of the Hanged

  34. Loving Couples

    Loving Couples

  35. Amsterdam

  36. The Lark

    The Lark

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