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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Possession Play button Rent for $3.99
  2. Thief


  3. Mur Murs

    Mur Murs

  4. Excalibur
    Best Artistic Contribution


  5. Mephisto
  6. Francisca


  7. Fruits of Passion

    Fruits of Passion

  8. Chariots of Fire

    Chariots of Fire

  9. The Fly

    The Fly

  10. Montenegro


  11. Man of Iron

    Man of Iron

  12. The Postman Always Rings Twice

    The Postman Always Rings Twice

  13. Village in the Jungle

    Village in the Jungle

  14. Hands Up!

    Hands Up!

  15. No Mercy No Future

    No Mercy No Future

  16. Beau-père


  17. Les uns et les autres
    Technical Grand Prize

    Les uns et les autres

  18. Eijanaika


  19. Quartet
    Best Actress


  20. Smash Palace

    Smash Palace

  21. Three Brothers

    Three Brothers

  22. Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man
    Best Actor

    Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man

  23. Light Years Away
    Grand Prize of the Jury

    Light Years Away

  24. This Is Elvis

    This Is Elvis

  25. Passione d'amore

    Passione d'amore

  26. Looks and Smiles

    Looks and Smiles

  27. The Plouffe Family

    The Plouffe Family

  28. The Skin

    The Skin

  29. Zea
    Best Short Film


  30. Eu Te Amo

    Eu Te Amo

  31. Americana


  32. Facts
    Best Supporting Actress


  33. National Heritage

    National Heritage

  34. Desperado City
    Golden Camera

    Desperado City

  35. In Defense of People

    In Defense of People

  36. A Thousand Little Kisses

    A Thousand Little Kisses

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