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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Shadow of the Earth
    Special Mention: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    Shadow of the Earth

  2. Fitzcarraldo
    Best Director


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  3. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

    E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

  4. Pink Floyd The Wall

    Pink Floyd The Wall

  5. The Road
  6. Missing
  7. Passion
    Technical Grand Prize


  8. Half a Life
  9. Identification of a Woman
    35th Anniversary Prize

    Identification of a Woman

  10. Moonlighting
    Best Screenplay


  11. L'Ange


  12. Night of the Shooting Stars

    Night of the Shooting Stars

  13. Smithereens


  14. Chronopolis


  15. Batch '81

    Batch '81

  16. Boat People

    Boat People

  17. Heart and Guts

    Heart and Guts

  18. Island of Loves

    Island of Loves

  19. The Wind

    The Wind

  20. Britannia Hospital

    Britannia Hospital

  21. The Horse

    The Horse

  22. That Night in Varennes

    That Night in Varennes

  23. Shoot the Moon

    Shoot the Moon

  24. Hammett


  25. Time Stands Still
    Award of the Youth (Foreign Film)

    Time Stands Still

  26. Cecilia


  27. Le crime d'amour

    Le crime d'amour

  28. Invitation au voyage
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Invitation au voyage

  29. The Return of the Soldier

    The Return of the Soldier

  30. Dignity


  31. Another Way
  32. Meow!
    Special Mention


  33. The Orozco Family

    The Orozco Family

  34. Sweet Inquest on Violence

  35. Five and the Skin

    Five and the Skin

  36. At Full Speed

    At Full Speed

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