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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Paris, Texas
  2. Once Upon a Time in America
  3. Stranger Than Paradise
  4. Broadway Danny Rose
  5. Boy Meets Girl
    Award of the Youth (French Film)

    Boy Meets Girl

  6. The Element of Crime
    Technical Grand Prize

    The Element of Crime

  7. The Hit
  8. Under the Volcano
  9. Voyage to Cythera
  10. Where the Green Ants Dream
  11. After the Rehearsal
  12. The Holy Innocents
  13. Choose Me
  14. A Sunday in the Country
  15. Diary for My Children
    Grand Prize of the Jury

    Diary for My Children

  16. The Home and the World
  17. The Bounty
  18. Memories of Prison
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Memories of Prison

  19. The Road to Bresson
  20. The Bostonians
  21. Another Country
    Best Artistic Contribution

    Another Country

  22. Beat Street
  23. Vigil
  24. A Man of Principle
  25. Henry IV
  26. Fort Saganne
  27. The Pirate
  28. Quilombo
  29. Success Is the Best Revenge
  30. Day Is Longer Than Night
  31. This Is My Country
  32. Atomic Station
  33. Cal
    Best Actress


  34. Bottom's Dream
  35. El Norte
  36. Liberté, la nuit
    Perspectives du Cinéma Award

    Liberté, la nuit

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