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César Awards

  1. Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata

  2. The Tree of Wooden Clogs
    Best Foreign Film

    The Tree of Wooden Clogs

  3. The Green Room

    The Green Room

  4. Violette Nozière

    Violette Nozière

  5. Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
    Best Music

    Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

  6. A Wedding

    A Wedding

  7. La cage aux folles
    Best Actor

    La cage aux folles

  8. The 51 File
  9. A Simple Story

    A Simple Story

  10. Molière
  11. Rowing Across the Atlantic
    Best Short Film - Animation

    Rowing Across the Atlantic

  12. A Butterfly on the Shoulder

    A Butterfly on the Shoulder

  13. The Song of Roland

    The Song of Roland

  14. Le sucre

    Le sucre

  15. Dégustation maison
    Best Short Film - Fiction

    Dégustation maison

  16. Dirty Dreamer

    Dirty Dreamer

  17. The Key Is in the Door

    The Key Is in the Door

  18. My First Love

    My First Love

  19. Robert and Robert
    Best Supporting Actor

    Robert and Robert

  20. Other People's Money

    Other People's Money

  21. Judith Therpauve

    Judith Therpauve

  22. Julia