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César Awards

  1. The Tin Drum

    The Tin Drum

  2. Hair
  3. Tess
  4. Love on the Run
    Best Music

    Love on the Run

  5. Buffet froid
  6. Série noire

    Série noire

  7. Don Giovanni
  8. The Brontë Sisters

    The Brontë Sisters

  9. The Hussy

    The Hussy

  10. I as in Icarus

    I as in Icarus

  11. Martin and Lea

    Martin and Lea

  12. Hothead
    Best Supporting Actor


  13. The Crying Woman

    The Crying Woman

  14. Womanlight


  15. Return to the Beloved

    Return to the Beloved

  16. The Skirt Chaser

    The Skirt Chaser

  17. The Medic

    The Medic

  18. The Police War
    Best Actor

    The Police War

  19. Memoirs of a French Whore

    Memoirs of a French Whore

  20. Perceval le Gallois

    Perceval le Gallois

  21. Apocalypse Now: The Workprint

    Apocalypse Now: The Workprint

  22. Feline Night

    Feline Night

  23. Dog's Dialogue
    Best Short Film - Fiction

    Dog's Dialogue