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César Awards

  1. Possession
    Best Actress


  2. The Woman Next Door

    The Woman Next Door

  3. Diva
  4. Coup de torchon

    Coup de torchon

  5. Quest for Fire

    Quest for Fire

  6. Hotel America

    Hotel America

  7. Man of Iron

    Man of Iron

  8. The Grilling

    The Grilling

  9. The Professional

    The Professional

  10. Beau-père


  11. Les uns et les autres

    Les uns et les autres

  12. Circle of Deceit

    Circle of Deceit

  13. Reporters
    Best Short Film - Documentary


  14. Strange Affair

    Strange Affair

  15. Snow
  16. The Gardener

    The Gardener

  17. Dead Certain

    Dead Certain

  18. Malevil
  19. The Elephant Man
    Best Foreign Film

    The Elephant Man

  20. Alix's Pictures
    Best Short Film - Fiction

    Alix's Pictures