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César Awards

  1. sex, lies and videotape

    sex, lies and videotape

  2. Monsieur Hire

    Monsieur Hire

  3. Valmont
  4. Noce blanche

    Noce blanche

  5. Life and Nothing But

    Life and Nothing But

  6. Nocturne indien

    Nocturne indien

  7. Too Beautiful for You

    Too Beautiful for You

  8. I Want to Go Home

    I Want to Go Home

  9. I'm the King of the Castle

    I'm the King of the Castle

  10. The 15-Year-Old Girl

    The 15-Year-Old Girl

  11. Bunker Palace Hôtel

    Bunker Palace Hôtel

  12. French Revolution

    French Revolution

  13. Love Without Pity

    Love Without Pity

  14. Baptism


  15. Summer Interlude

    Summer Interlude

  16. Dark Woods

    Dark Woods

  17. The Bathroom

    The Bathroom

  18. Tolérance


  19. Uncontrollable Circumstances

    Uncontrollable Circumstances

  20. Children of Chaos

    Children of Chaos

  21. Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso