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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Sparrows
    New Directors Competition (Silver Hugo)


  2. The Here After

    The Here After

  3. Hopefuls


  4. Chronic


  5. Underground Fragrance
    New Directors Competition (Gold Hugo)

    Underground Fragrance

  6. Henry Gamble's Birthday Party
    Best Feature (Silver Q Hugo Award)

    Henry Gamble's Birthday Party

  7. Nahid
    New Directors Competition (Roger Ebert Award)


  8. Full Contact
  9. Ramona
  10. 600 Miles

    600 Miles

  11. Oh Lucy!
  12. Front Cover

    Front Cover

  13. Greater Things

    Greater Things

  14. Adama


  15. To My Beloved

    To My Beloved

  16. Invention


  17. A Tale of Love, Madness and Death
    Documentary Short (Gold Plaque)

    A Tale of Love, Madness and Death

  18. The Red Spider

    The Red Spider

  19. Why?


  20. Every Day My Dad Dies

    Every Day My Dad Dies

  21. The Infinite Happiness

    The Infinite Happiness

  22. Orphans of Eldorado

    Orphans of Eldorado

  23. Road to La Paz

    Road to La Paz

  24. Motley's Law

    Motley's Law

  25. Time Suspended
    Special Mention

    Time Suspended

  26. The Ardennes

    The Ardennes

  27. The Surprise

    The Surprise

  28. The Homecoming

    The Homecoming

  29. Blush


  30. Looking for Grace

    Looking for Grace

  31. Astragal


  32. The Abandoned

    The Abandoned

  33. Just Jim

    Just Jim

  34. Why Me?

    Why Me?

  35. (Be)Longing
    Best Documentary (Gold Hugo)


  36. Obra