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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Good Riddance

    Good Riddance

  2. Lightning Over Water

    Lightning Over Water

  3. Death Watch

    Death Watch

  4. Palermo or Wolfsburg

    Palermo or Wolfsburg

  5. Order


  6. Solo Sunny
    Best Script (Gold Plaque)

    Solo Sunny

  7. Sunday Daughters

    Sunday Daughters

  8. The Apple

    The Apple

  9. Air Crew

    Air Crew

  10. Turn Around Eugenio
    Special Mention: Special Award

    Turn Around Eugenio

  11. Céleste


  12. Opera Prima
    Best First Feature Film (Silver Hugo)

    Opera Prima

  13. The Contract

    The Contract

  14. The Thin Line

    The Thin Line

  15. The Blood of Hussain

    The Blood of Hussain

  16. The Music of Erich Zann

    The Music of Erich Zann

  17. Final Assignment

    Final Assignment

  18. The Idolmaker

    The Idolmaker

  19. Land and Sons

    Land and Sons

  20. Dear Boys

    Dear Boys

  21. A Week's Vacation

    A Week's Vacation

  22. Exit... But No Panic

    Exit... But No Panic

  23. I Sent a Letter to My Love

    I Sent a Letter to My Love

  24. Camera Buff
    Best Feature (Gold Hugo)

    Camera Buff

  25. Rapture


  26. Oblomov


  27. A Decent Life

    A Decent Life

  28. The Savage Hunt of King Stach

    The Savage Hunt of King Stach

  29. We Were One Man

    We Were One Man

  30. Fårö Document 1979

    Fårö Document 1979

  31. Lena Rais

    Lena Rais

  32. I am Anna Magnani

    I am Anna Magnani

  33. Hot Potato

    Hot Potato

  34. Crew Cut

    Crew Cut

  35. The Last Years of Childhood

    The Last Years of Childhood

  36. I Am Maria

    I Am Maria

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