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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Boy Meets Girl

    Boy Meets Girl

  2. The Element of Crime
    Best Feature Film (Silver Hugo)

    The Element of Crime

  3. The Times of Harvey Milk

    The Times of Harvey Milk

  4. Bianca


  5. Meantime


  6. Diary for My Children

    Diary for My Children

  7. Sexmission


  8. The Ruins
    Best Film (Gold Hugo)

    The Ruins

  9. Marlene


  10. Tosca's Kiss

    Tosca's Kiss

  11. Long Live Life

    Long Live Life

  12. A Year of the Quiet Sun

    A Year of the Quiet Sun

  13. Vigil


  14. A Man of Principle
    Best Actor (Silver Hugo)

    A Man of Principle

  15. Mixed Blood

    Mixed Blood

  16. Tasio


  17. Hookers on Davie
    Best Documentary (Gold Plaque)

    Hookers on Davie

  18. Mint Tea

    Mint Tea

  19. Constance


  20. A Woman in Transit

    A Woman in Transit

  21. Mario


  22. The Most Beautiful Night

    The Most Beautiful Night

  23. Almonds and Raisins

    Almonds and Raisins

  24. Anne Devlin

    Anne Devlin

  25. Le jour S...

    Le jour S...

  26. Drama in Blond

    Drama in Blond

  27. Wildrose


  28. Barbarous Street

    Barbarous Street

  29. In Heaven There Is No Beer?

    In Heaven There Is No Beer?

  30. Ciske The Rat

    Ciske The Rat

  31. The Horizon

  32. City Limits

    City Limits

  33. Du-beat-e-o


  34. A Man Like Eva

    A Man Like Eva

  35. La triche

    La triche

  36. Spinning Wheel

    Spinning Wheel

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