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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Lamb


  2. Come and See

    Come and See

  3. The Official Story
    Best Feature (Gold Hugo)

    The Official Story

  4. Louie Bluie

    Louie Bluie

  5. The Big Snit

    The Big Snit

  6. Desert Hearts

    Desert Hearts

  7. Alpine Fire

    Alpine Fire

  8. Silip: Daughters of Eve

    Silip: Daughters of Eve

  9. Static


  10. Doña Herlinda and Her Son

    Doña Herlinda and Her Son

  11. Sugarbaby


  12. Tea in the Harem
    Special Jury Prize

    Tea in the Harem

  13. Oriane
    Best Film (Bronze Hugo)


  14. Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business

  15. Pervola, Tracks in the Snow

    Pervola, Tracks in the Snow

  16. Broken Rainbow

    Broken Rainbow

  17. Second Class Mail

    Second Class Mail

  18. 90 Days

    90 Days

  19. Our Father

    Our Father

  20. Herzklopfen


  21. Paradigma


  22. Secrets Secrets

    Secrets Secrets

  23. Going and Coming Back

    Going and Coming Back

  24. Wives - Ten Years After

    Wives - Ten Years After

  25. Strangler vs. Strangler

    Strangler vs. Strangler

  26. Feelings


  27. The Funeral

    The Funeral

  28. Paradise


  29. The Children

    The Children

  30. Broken Mirrors

    Broken Mirrors

  31. The Philadelphia Attraction

    The Philadelphia Attraction

  32. Åke and His World

    Åke and His World

  33. Scorching Sun

    Scorching Sun

  34. Prehistoric Beast

    Prehistoric Beast

  35. Agony