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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Santa sangre

    Santa sangre

  2. The Unbelievable Truth

    The Unbelievable Truth

  3. Jesus of Montreal

    Jesus of Montreal

  4. City Zero
    Best Feature (Gold Hugo)

    City Zero

  5. Speaking Parts

    Speaking Parts

  6. Yaaba


  7. The Meeting Point

    The Meeting Point

  8. Moon Child

    Moon Child

  9. I'm the King of the Castle

    I'm the King of the Castle

  10. The Icicle Thief

    The Icicle Thief

  11. Death of a Tea Master
    Best Feature Film (Silver Hugo)

    Death of a Tea Master

  12. Pomegranate and Reed

    Pomegranate and Reed

  13. Farewell to False Paradise

    Farewell to False Paradise

  14. Where the Spirit Lives
    Television Production - Feature Film Made for TV - Network Special Achievement in Direction (Gold Plaque)

    Where the Spirit Lives

  15. Poker


  16. Outrageous Taxi Stories

    Outrageous Taxi Stories

  17. Mother, Mother

    Mother, Mother

  18. Sapphire Man

    Sapphire Man

  19. First Date

    First Date

  20. Beyond Reach

    Beyond Reach

  21. Ivan and Alexandra

    Ivan and Alexandra

  22. Work Experience

    Work Experience

  23. The Hill Farm

    The Hill Farm

  24. The Women on the Roof

    The Women on the Roof

  25. Guests of Hotel Astoria

    Guests of Hotel Astoria

  26. Without Reservation

    Without Reservation

  27. The Needle

    The Needle

  28. Itinerary of a Spoiled Child

    Itinerary of a Spoiled Child

  29. Painted Faces
    Best First Feature Film (Silver Hugo)

    Painted Faces

  30. The Birth
    Best Feature Film (Silver Hugo)

    The Birth

  31. Stachoviak!


  32. Une journée

    Une journée

  33. Never, Nowhere, to No-One!

    Never, Nowhere, to No-One!

  34. Submitting


  35. Peacemaker

  36. Mr. Fixit