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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Off the Hook

    Off the Hook

  2. Ratcatcher
    Best Director (Silver Hugo)


  3. My Best Fiend

    My Best Fiend

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  4. American Movie

    American Movie

  5. Belfast, Maine

    Belfast, Maine

  6. When the Day Breaks
    Best Animated Short (Gold Hugo)

    When the Day Breaks

  7. Tuvalu


  8. East Is East

    East Is East

  9. The Third Page

    The Third Page

  10. La lettre

    La lettre

  11. Mansfield Park

    Mansfield Park

  12. Set Me Free
  13. See You in Hell, My Darling

    See You in Hell, My Darling

  14. Snow Falling on Cedars

    Snow Falling on Cedars

  15. Nightshapes


  16. Sachs' Disease
  17. The Carriers Are Waiting

    The Carriers Are Waiting

  18. Alone


  19. Northern Skirts

    Northern Skirts

  20. Love Will Tear Us Apart

    Love Will Tear Us Apart

  21. Two Streams

    Two Streams

  22. Afraid of Everything

    Afraid of Everything

  23. The Grandfather

    The Grandfather

  24. Yana's Friends

    Yana's Friends

  25. Battle Cries

    Battle Cries

  26. The Barracks

    The Barracks

  27. Post Mortem

    Post Mortem

  28. The White Suit

    The White Suit

  29. My Little Business

    My Little Business

  30. A Reasonable Man

    A Reasonable Man

  31. Turtle Sitting
    Best Narrative Short Film (Silver Hugo)

    Turtle Sitting

  32. Sexo, pudor y lágrimas

    Sexo, pudor y lágrimas

  33. The Dream Catcher

    The Dream Catcher

  34. Love and Action in Chicago

    Love and Action in Chicago

  35. Pups


  36. Santitos


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