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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu Play button Rent for $3.99
  2. The Wayward Cloud

    The Wayward Cloud

  3. Manderlay


  4. Transamerica


  5. Mutual Appreciation

    Mutual Appreciation

  6. La moustache
    FIPRESCI Prize

    La moustache

  7. I Am a Sex Addict

    I Am a Sex Addict

  8. Free Zone

    Free Zone

  9. Gabrielle


  10. Magic Mirror

    Magic Mirror

  11. Cindy, the Doll Is Mine

    Cindy, the Doll Is Mine

  12. Sangre


  13. North Country
    Best Film (Audience Choice Award)

    North Country

  14. Grain in Ear

    Grain in Ear

  15. Fateless


  16. Stoned


  17. Cold Showers

    Cold Showers

  18. I Am Guilty

    I Am Guilty

  19. Summer in Berlin
    Best Actress (Silver Hugo)

    Summer in Berlin

  20. Garpastum


  21. The Devil's Miner
    Best Documentary (Silver Hugo)

    The Devil's Miner

  22. Mongolian Ping Pong

    Mongolian Ping Pong

  23. Sunflower


  24. Kissing on the Mouth

    Kissing on the Mouth

  25. Johanna


  26. A Year Without Love

    A Year Without Love

  27. The Masseur

    The Masseur

  28. Border Café

    Border Café

  29. April Snow

    April Snow

  30. In His Hands

    In His Hands

  31. Look Both Ways

    Look Both Ways

  32. The Boys of Baraka
    Best Documentary (Gold Hugo)

    The Boys of Baraka

  33. How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It)

    How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It)

  34. The Zero Years

    The Zero Years

  35. Play


  36. Northeast


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