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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Carol
    Q Hugo Award


  2. Spotlight
    Audience Choice Award


  3. Embrace of the Serpent

    Embrace of the Serpent

  4. Mustang
    Best Narrative Foreign-Language Feature (Audience Choice Award)


  5. Anomalisa


  6. Cemetery of Splendour

    Cemetery of Splendour

  7. The Assassin

    The Assassin

  8. 45 Years

    45 Years

  9. The Exquisite Corpus
    Live Action Short (Silver Hugo)

    The Exquisite Corpus

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  10. The Club
  11. Waves '98
    Best Animated Short Film (Silver Plaque)

    Waves '98

  12. Sweet Bean

    Sweet Bean

  13. Mia madre

    Mia madre

  14. My Golden Days
    Best Art Direction (Silver Plaque)

    My Golden Days

  15. Heart of a Dog

    Heart of a Dog

  16. In the Shadow of Women

    In the Shadow of Women

  17. Mountains May Depart

    Mountains May Depart

  18. Dheepan


  19. Neon Bull

    Neon Bull

  20. In Jackson Heights

    In Jackson Heights

  21. All About Them

    All About Them

  22. Where to Invade Next
    Best Documentary Feature (Audience Choice Award)

    Where to Invade Next

  23. The Treasure

    The Treasure

  24. Entertainment


  25. Tikkun


  26. Sunday Lunch
    Best Animated Short (Silver Hugo)

    Sunday Lunch

  27. Sparrows
    New Directors Competition (Silver Hugo)


  28. Body


  29. Chronic


  30. Stinking Heaven

    Stinking Heaven

  31. Valley of Love

    Valley of Love

  32. Henry Gamble's Birthday Party
    Best Feature (Silver Q Hugo Award)

    Henry Gamble's Birthday Party

  33. Underground Fragrance
    New Directors Competition (Gold Hugo)

    Underground Fragrance

  34. The Here After

    The Here After

  35. Nahid
    New Directors Competition (Roger Ebert Award)


  36. Call Me Marianna

    Call Me Marianna

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