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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

  2. Marriage Story

    Marriage Story

  3. The Irishman
    Founder’s Award

    The Irishman

  4. Buoyancy


  5. The Swallows of Kabul

    The Swallows of Kabul

  6. The Wild Goose Lake

    The Wild Goose Lake

  7. Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit

  8. A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life

  9. Knives Out

    Knives Out

  10. Vitalina Varela
    Silver Hugo Jury Award

    Vitalina Varela

  11. Atlantics


  12. I Lost My Body

    I Lost My Body

  13. Les misérables

    Les misérables

  14. Sorry We Missed You
    Silver Hugo for Best Actress

    Sorry We Missed You

  15. Varda by Agnès

    Varda by Agnès

  16. The Orphanage

    The Orphanage

  17. And Then We Danced

    And Then We Danced

  18. Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari

  19. Invisible Life

    Invisible Life

  20. Corpus Christi
    Silver Hugo for Best Actor

    Corpus Christi

  21. Honey Boy

    Honey Boy

  22. The Two Popes

    The Two Popes

  23. Waves


  24. Deerskin


  25. The Traitor

    The Traitor

  26. It Must Be Heaven

    It Must Be Heaven

  27. I Was at Home, But

    I Was at Home, But

  28. Fire Will Come
    Best Sound Design

    Fire Will Come

  29. The Twentieth Century

    The Twentieth Century

  30. Motherless Brooklyn

    Motherless Brooklyn

  31. The Whistlers

    The Whistlers

  32. The Report

    The Report

  33. The Painted Bird
    Best Cinematography

    The Painted Bird

  34. The Cordillera of Dreams

    The Cordillera of Dreams

  35. The Kingmaker

    The Kingmaker

  36. Waiting for the Carnival
    Special Mention: Documentary Competition

    Waiting for the Carnival

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