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Cinemanila International Film Festival

  1. Power Trip

    Power Trip

  2. City of God
    Grand Jury Prize

    City of God

  3. Distant
    Lino Brocka Award


  4. Infernal Affairs

    Infernal Affairs

  5. The Son

    The Son

  6. Japan


  7. Whale Rider
    Special Jury Prize

    Whale Rider

  8. Divine Intervention

    Divine Intervention

  9. Broken Wings

    Broken Wings

  10. The Tracker
    Best Actor

    The Tracker

  11. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer
    Best Screenplay

    Mr. and Mrs. Iyer

  12. Blessing Bell
    Grand Jury Prize

    Blessing Bell

  13. Dekada '70

    Dekada '70

  14. Public Toilet

    Public Toilet

  15. Year of the Devil

    Year of the Devil

  16. Edi


  17. The Archangel's Feather

    The Archangel's Feather

  18. Riles
    Best Documentary


  19. Room to Let

    Room to Let

  20. Larger Than Life

    Larger Than Life

  21. Ring