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Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

  1. The Manila Lover

    The Manila Lover

  2. A Lynx in the Town

    A Lynx in the Town

  3. Da yie
    Grand Prix

    Da yie

  4. Swinguerra


  5. Girl in the Hallway

    Girl in the Hallway

  6. The Van

    The Van

  7. Terror, Sisters!

    Terror, Sisters!

  8. Octopus


  9. Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt

    Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt

  10. To the Bone

    To the Bone

  11. Massacre


  12. Sodom & Gomorrah

    Sodom & Gomorrah

  13. Kiko's Saints

    Kiko's Saints

  14. Night Upon Kepler 452b

    Night Upon Kepler 452b

  15. The Flood

    The Flood

  16. Aline


  17. The Little Soul

    The Little Soul

  18. Me voici

    Me voici

  19. Avant d'oublier Héliopolis

    Avant d'oublier Héliopolis

  20. Permis de construire

    Permis de construire

  21. A House Plant Named Yasemin

    A House Plant Named Yasemin

  22. La plaine

    La plaine

  23. Bach-Hông


  24. As Hard as You Can

    As Hard as You Can

  25. Ordinary Day

    Ordinary Day

  26. Bablinga


  27. My Kingdom

    My Kingdom

  28. Barking Dogs

    Barking Dogs

  29. Allonzo's Nights

    Allonzo's Nights

  30. Mountain Snails

    Mountain Snails

  31. The Kindergarten Show

    The Kindergarten Show

  32. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

  33. Earthworms


  34. Small Spark

    Small Spark

  35. The Little Red Chick

    The Little Red Chick

  36. Memories Revealed

    Memories Revealed