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Copenhagen International Film Festival

  1. The Band's Visit

    The Band's Visit

  2. 2 Days in Paris

    2 Days in Paris

  3. Mister Foe
    Best Cinematographer

    Mister Foe

  4. Heartbeat Detector
    Best Actor

    Heartbeat Detector

  5. Brando


  6. Mirush
    Best Director


  7. To Love Someone

    To Love Someone

  8. Wolfsbergen


  9. Times and Winds

    Times and Winds

  10. Don't Worry, I'm Fine

    Don't Worry, I'm Fine

  11. Children
    Golden Swan


  12. It Happened Just Before

    It Happened Just Before

  13. L'année suivante

    L'année suivante

  14. The Man from the Embassy

    The Man from the Embassy