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David di Donatello Awards

  1. Borotalco
  2. Looking for Jesus

    Looking for Jesus

  3. Reds
  4. Mephisto
  5. The German Sisters

    The German Sisters

  6. Tales of Ordinary Madness

    Tales of Ordinary Madness

  7. The Marquis of Grillo

    The Marquis of Grillo

  8. The French Lieutenant's Woman
    Best Foreign Screenplay

    The French Lieutenant's Woman

  9. The opportunities of Rosa

    The opportunities of Rosa

  10. The Fall of the Rebel Angels
    Best Supporting Actress

    The Fall of the Rebel Angels

  11. Sign of the Beast
    René Clair Award

    Sign of the Beast

  12. The Boat Is Full
    René Clair Award

    The Boat Is Full