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David di Donatello Awards

  1. Facing Windows

    Facing Windows

  2. Remember Me, My Love

    Remember Me, My Love

  3. What Fault Is It of Ours?

    What Fault Is It of Ours?

  4. Incantato


  5. The Hours

    The Hours

  6. Chicago


  7. Man on the Train

    Man on the Train

  8. My Mother's Smile

    My Mother's Smile

  9. Respiro


  10. The Embalmer
  11. Pinocchio
  12. The Soul Keeper

    The Soul Keeper

  13. Casomai


  14. Happiness Costs Nothing

    Happiness Costs Nothing

  15. I Am Emma

    I Am Emma

  16. Two Friends

    Two Friends

  17. El Alamein
  18. Angela


  19. Maximum Velocity (V-Max)

    Maximum Velocity (V-Max)

  20. A Scandalous Journey

    A Scandalous Journey