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David di Donatello Awards

  1. My Brother Is an Only Child

    My Brother Is an Only Child

  2. Saturn in Opposition

    Saturn in Opposition

  3. The Lark Farm

    The Lark Farm

  4. Il 7 e l'8

    Il 7 e l'8

  5. One Hundred Nails
  6. A Dinner for Them to Meet

    A Dinner for Them to Meet

  7. Notte prima degli esami - Oggi

    Notte prima degli esami - Oggi

  8. Manual of Love 2

    Manual of Love 2

  9. Flying Lessons

    Flying Lessons

  10. Night Bus

    Night Bus

  11. The Lives of Others
    Best European Film

    The Lives of Others

  12. The Departed

    The Departed

  13. The Pursuit of Happyness

    The Pursuit of Happyness

  14. The Family Friend

    The Family Friend

  15. Golden Door
  16. The Unknown Woman

    The Unknown Woman

  17. Red Like the Sky
    David of the Youth

    Red Like the Sky

  18. My Best Friend

    My Best Friend

  19. Libero (Along the Ridge)

    Libero (Along the Ridge)

  20. The Wedding Director

    The Wedding Director

  21. Fascists on Mars

    Fascists on Mars

  22. Napoleon and Me

    Napoleon and Me

  23. The Missing Star

    The Missing Star

  24. One Out of Two

    One Out of Two

  25. Salty Air
  26. The Stone Merchant

    The Stone Merchant