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Edinburgh International Film Festival

  1. Okja


  2. Song to Song

    Song to Song

  3. God's Own Country
    Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film

    God's Own Country

  4. Sexy Durga

    Sexy Durga

  5. The Inertia Variations

    The Inertia Variations

  6. Last Men in Aleppo

    Last Men in Aleppo

  7. Animals


  8. In Syria

    In Syria

  9. 1945


  10. I Dream in Another Language

    I Dream in Another Language

  11. Maya Dardel

    Maya Dardel

  12. Negative Space

    Negative Space

  13. The Little Hours

    The Little Hours

  14. Newton


  15. My Pure Land

    My Pure Land

  16. The Farthest

    The Farthest

  17. Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy
    Special Mention: Best Documentary Feature Film

    Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy

  18. Zer


  19. A Heart of Love

    A Heart of Love

  20. Tom of Finland

    Tom of Finland

  21. Ugly


  22. Hostages


  23. Menashe


  24. Daphne
    Best Performance in a British Feature Film


  25. The Midwife

    The Midwife

  26. The Yellow Birds

    The Yellow Birds

  27. Teenage Superstars

    Teenage Superstars

  28. Tokyo Idols

    Tokyo Idols

  29. England Is Mine

    England Is Mine

  30. 1000 Smiles Per Hour

    1000 Smiles Per Hour

  31. The Full Story
    Best Short Film

    The Full Story

  32. Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar

  33. The Colour of His Hair

    The Colour of His Hair

  34. Becoming Cary Grant

    Becoming Cary Grant

  35. Love After Love

    Love After Love

  36. Amok