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European Film Awards

  1. Look Who's Back

    Look Who's Back

  2. A War

    A War

  3. Body
    Best European Film (Audience Award)


  4. Psychonauts: The Forgotten Children

    Psychonauts: The Forgotten Children

  5. 11 Minutes
    European Sound Designer

    11 Minutes

  6. Truman


  7. The High Sun

    The High Sun

  8. Sand Storm

    Sand Storm

  9. Edmond


  10. The People vs. Fritz Bauer

    The People vs. Fritz Bauer

  11. A Family Affair

    A Family Affair

  12. S Is for Stanley

    S Is for Stanley

  13. In the Distance

    In the Distance

  14. Kelime
    Rai CinemaChannel Prize


  15. Shooting Star

    Shooting Star

  16. The Goodbye

    The Goodbye

  17. 90 Grad Nord

    90 Grad Nord

  18. The Wall

    The Wall

  19. Small Talk

    Small Talk

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