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European Film Awards

  1. The Celebration
  2. Run Lola Run

    Run Lola Run

  3. The Idiots

    The Idiots

  4. The Dreamlife of Angels
  5. Of Freaks and Men

    Of Freaks and Men

  6. My Name Is Joe

    My Name Is Joe

  7. The Man in the Iron Mask

    The Man in the Iron Mask

  8. Sliding Doors
    European Screenwriter

    Sliding Doors

  9. The Mask of Zorro
    Best European Actor

    The Mask of Zorro

  10. Primary Colors

    Primary Colors

  11. Cabaret Balkan
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Cabaret Balkan

  12. Godzilla
    Best European Director (Audience Award)


  13. Little Tony

    Little Tony

  14. The Red Dwarf

    The Red Dwarf

  15. Life Is Beautiful

    Life Is Beautiful

  16. Titanic
    Best European Actress


  17. Deconstructing Harry

    Deconstructing Harry

  18. The Butcher Boy

    The Butcher Boy

  19. Amistad
    Outstanding European Achievement in World Cinema


  20. Same Old Song

    Same Old Song

  21. The Castle

    The Castle

  22. Tomorrow Never Dies

    Tomorrow Never Dies

  23. The Harmonists

    The Harmonists