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European Film Awards

  1. All About My Mother
  2. Rosetta


  3. Humanité


  4. My Best Fiend

    My Best Fiend

  5. Buena Vista Social Club
    European Documentary

    Buena Vista Social Club

  6. The Ninth Gate
    Outstanding European Achievement in World Cinema

    The Ninth Gate

  7. Not One Less

    Not One Less

  8. An Affair of Love

    An Affair of Love

  9. Notting Hill

    Notting Hill

  10. Moloch


  11. Farewell, Home Sweet Home!
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Farewell, Home Sweet Home!

  12. The War Zone
  13. It All Starts Today

    It All Starts Today

  14. Journey to the Sun

    Journey to the Sun

  15. East Is East

    East Is East

  16. Sunshine
  17. Mifune's Last Song

    Mifune's Last Song

  18. Entrapment
  19. Pripyat


  20. Return of the Idiot

    Return of the Idiot

  21. After the Truth

    After the Truth

  22. An Ideal Husband

    An Ideal Husband

  23. Crazy in Alabama
    Outstanding European Achievement in World Cinema

    Crazy in Alabama

  24. Mobutu, King of Zaire
  25. The Cup

    The Cup

  26. Show Me Love

    Show Me Love

  27. The Legend of 1900
    European Cinematographer

    The Legend of 1900

  28. Vacancy


  29. The Girl of Your Dreams

    The Girl of Your Dreams

  30. Senhor Jerónimo

    Senhor Jerónimo